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Welcome to Physix Surf Co.!

Physix Surf Co. was founded in 2011 by a closely-knit group of high school friends who had a deep love for surfing. The idea came about one day while we were all sitting on the beach and debating what we wanted to do with our futures. The answer we all agreed upon was surfing; however, starting a company wasn’t easy, but after tumultuous research and many long nights we finally established ourselves as Physix Surf Co. Outside our professional endeavors, we saw surfing as a way of life, something that allowed us to express our love for nature and adventure.

At Physix Surf. Co, we create products that are designed with physics and science in mind. We put a lot of hard work into crafting surf technologies that offer superior performance to other brands on the market. When you ride a Physix Surf Co. surfboard, you are showing the world that you’ve got a love for adventure.

Our company’s motto is “Leave the Shore.” And we ask that you Leave the Shore in every area of your life. Don’t just cling to the coastline. We ask that you touch areas of academics no person has ever touched before, we ask that you surf the largest waves that no person has ever surfed before, and we ask you surf like no person has ever surfed before. When you ride our boards, we ask that you take this philosophy with you.

The idea behind the company was to try and inspire people to do great things. We want people to leave the shore. Leave the shore compels people to leave the safety and comfort of security and go to bigger things in life. It’s a calling, it’s a command, it’s a direction, it’s an order. It speaks to those who are afraid to do great things. It speaks to those who are afraid to venture off into the unknown.

The following summer, 2012, we launched our first surfboard model called The Wedge which is now followed by our newer models designed by our shaper, Steve Forstall and our team riders. In 2013 we continued to expand our board line by adding: The Professor, The Freak-A-Deke, The Psycho, The Banshee and The Mini Me along with our first ever clothing line. For this coming spring we are set to launch an addition to our current clothing line for both males and females as well as add another four boards to quiver: The Ali, The A-bomb, The Phantom, The Pinnacle and Seven. Physix Surf Co. has come a long way since our opening in 2011 and we plan on continuing to take strides forward!

The Physix Surf Co. Team
- Leave The Shore!

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