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To see some frequently asked question click here! There is everything from fin setups to refund policies.

Q: Can I have 5 fin plugs placed on my custom board?
A: Yes, the 5 fin set up is optional on all of our models when custom ordered.

Q: Are glassed on fins an option if I custom order my board?
A: Yes, glass on fins are offered for all custom board orders.

Q: Can I order a custom color pattern when I purchase a board?
A: Yes, you can order a custom color pattern when you purchase a custom board, however we ask that you provide us with an example.

Q: Can I have a polished gloss finish applied to my custom board?
A: Yes, the polished finish is available on all custom board orders.

Q: For a custom order do I order it thought the website or through a surf shop in my area?
A: We ask that you place your custom orders through the website on our custom order page.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We accept returns and will offer a store credit as long as the products are returned within 7 days.

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