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Mini Me

Model Description

Mini me is hand down the best board ever made. Ok ok the best we ever rode. Made as a twin or quad built for you be able to draw great lines in flat to head plus surf. I preferred the twin just for speed in release, when I say speed I mean speed I. A knee high mush. It comes with a option of flat slight single concave and double barrel concave, I like the flatness helps to keep speed flowin.

This board is an easy 5-9 inches off you HEIGHT, an 2-4 wider then normal.

Fins: Future t1 & twin keel.

Ride this board in 1-3 ft mush and can get easy 3-6 turns off when everyone else is looking to just cut back and FALL.

This is a SUPER FUN board!! Fast down the line with a flowing feel to it. You will not stop cheesing after your first wave, and when your done for the day you will dream about this board at night!!


Beginner to Intermediate

Ideal Wave Size

Perfect for ankle to chest high waves

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